Do not shoot unnecessarily.
Do not cut throat

Do not cut or punch holes through the ears for tags.
When gutting or skinning cut up from under the hide to avoid cutting the hair.  Cut in clean straight lines.

Be careful when dragging, drag in the direction the fur lays.
Do not hang by the neck, suspend the animal from its front ankles to avoid  damage to the neck.

Keep the specimen cold. Get it to your taxidermist as soon as possible

Do not expose your specimen to heat when transporting.
Ventilate the carcass of a large animal if unable to skin or remove promptly from the woods.Hang or lay specimen on sticks to allow air circulation.

Keep specimen out of the sun. Warmth and moisture breeds bacteria and accelerates decomposition.

Don't assume your guide or outfitter knows how to take care of your trophy, many don't. Contact us prior to leaving for detailed instructions.

Do not store in plastic bags, use burlap or cloth.

Do not leave fish to lay in warm water. Keep them on ice.

Do not carry birds to be mounted in your hunting coat. Take special care, to not ruffle the feathers of your birds, till you can get them to a taxidermist.

Remember repairs are not always easily concealed!

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